Crossett Criminal Defense Lawyer

The attorneys at the law firm of Streetman & Gibson, PLLC, provide strategic defense representation to clients across southeastern Arkansas against a variety of criminal charges. With decades of courtroom litigation experience between them, the lawyers pursue every available option in an effort to protect their clients' rights and freedom.

The firm's Crossett criminal defense attorneys possess a complete understanding of Arkansas criminal law and prosecution strategy in these matters. They are proactive in their efforts to get charges dismissed or reduced, but they will not recommend a plea bargain unless they feel it is in their client's best interests to do so.

Preparing Each Case For Trial

The firm is set apart by its thorough preparation for trial in every case. Regardless of the type of charge involved in the case, the lawyers approach each one with the same level of determination and commitment to a favorable outcome. In every case, the goal is always avoiding a conviction on your record whenever possible.

The firm defends clients against a broad range of criminal charges, including the following:

  • DWI
  • Traffic offenses
  • Drug crimes, including drug possession and possession with intent
  • Violent crimes, including assault and murder
  • Sex offenses, including rape and sexual assault
  • Weapons offenses
  • Theft and fraud
  • White collar crimes
  • Expungements

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